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About Reiki

What is it?

Reiki comes under the umbrella of energy medicine. It is an ancient healing technique used for stress reduction and relaxation. It was used by Tibetan Monks more than 2500 years ago. The word is derived from two Japanese words: Rei meaning spirit, aura, or holy and Ki meaning power, energy or life force. A Reiki treatment is a powerful, but gentle means of providing energy where the client needs it most. It affects people in a very individual way and balances the body’s energies.

The technique works on the premise that our state of physical,emotional, mental and spiritual wellness are interrelated. An energy block in any given area can cause us stress, and if left unattended, disease.

Reiki & Drumming

Drums have long been used as a vehicle for healing. Indigenous people world wide have incorporated drums into their healing and religious practices. The drum continues to be part of healing ceremonies even today.

Reiki drums are frame drums. Its light weight and portability make it ideal to use around a client’s physical and etheric bodies.

Why Reiki & Drumming?

Rhythm is part of our inherent nature. Watch infants. They clap their hands, they stamp their feet, delighted to be able to produce sound that carries a beat. Give them a pot or a pan and they will transform it into a drum. It is because of our receptivity to rhythm that makes the marriage of Reiki and drumming so powerful for our healing and transformation.

Drumming adds a unique feature to Reiki. Drumming asks you to be present to your healing. It is virtually impossible to drift off to sleep or prepare your grocery list while you are being drummed. The Drum says, “ Be here now.” Vibrational energy is a powerful healing tool.

What to Expect During a Drumming

You will initially stand in a relaxed state while the Reiki drummer drums your body. The drum is held approximately 6 to 12 inches away from you. The drummer keeps a beat of about 160 beats a minute, the same beat as an embryo’s in his mother’s womb. The drummer may vary the volume, with louder playing at your lower chakras, and quieter drumming near your head. The sound and pitch of the drum will give the drummer feedback as to your specific healing needs.