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About Shamanism

What is it?

Shamanism is a set of tools and techniques used to interact with the spirit world and the world around us. Those who practice Shamanism work with power for both themselves and the good of those around them. They understand the connection and need for balance amongst all things; humans, animals, plants, rocks, and even the wind.

In today's world many people come to the shamanic path because they feel drawn to it or curious about it. It is used for spiritual and physical healing and for many, it is a personal quest for knowledge and inner power. Anyone can incorporate shamanic practices into their lives. You only need to believe that you can.


Shamanic practices contain a unifying set of basic assumptions:

  • Everything that exists is alive.
  • Everything can be communicated with if approached properly.
  • There are other realities available to us in which we can journey. These realities are part of "Non-Ordinary Reality." "Ordinary Reality" is life as we typically experience it.
  • The residents (called spirits, for lack of a better term) of these other realities are sympathetic, for the most part, to humanity and want to be helpful, if asked.
  • Every human being has helping spirits, even if they are not aware of it.
  • True power involves a proper relationship to these other realities.
  • Illness (psychological or otherwise) includes an element of power-loss or soul-loss. Healing on the shamanic level is designed to regain power and the protection it provides.
  • Shamanism deals with the spiritual aspects of health. Other related practices may deal with the mechanical and physiological aspects of health.
  • The realms that can be journeyed to have their own topography including a Lower, Middle, and Upper world.