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DON'T BE SO PREDICTABLE Posted by Paul DiSegna on May 11, 2016

Using a set of cards printed with each of the slogans, I shuffle the stack each morning and draw the slogan for the day. Then I read from this book about what Rinpoche has to say, sometimes jotting down notes on the back of the card. This is followed by my best try to live by the meaning of the slogan throughout my day. Sometimes I forget the slog...

LIKE FINGER PAINTING Posted by Paul DiSegna on May 5, 2016

The key to the tonglen practice is when you feel anything unpleasant, that's the only way that you understand what other people are going through. So when I feel fear, and I don't want to feel this anxiety gnawing at me, instead of asking how to get rid of this feeling—this edgy, uncomfortable, nervy, speedy feeling—instead of how to ge...

What People Will Think Posted by Paul DiSegna on May 2, 2016

What People Will Think
Re-PostWhat People Will ThinkBy MiroYou know what must be done but 4 words always hold you back:"What will people think?" has always halted your attackThose 4 words keep you from doing the things that must be doneTo own your life and live with confidence but everyoneCasts judging eyes which make you second-guess yourself and say"They...