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Initiations Posted by Paul DiSegna on August 6, 2017

Re-PostYou have been through some things, I know, and you have such a story to tell.You've survived intense, life-changing things and come through to the other side. You've reinvented yourself through career, relationship, parenthood, death and loss, or spiritual transformation. You are not who you were before, and you might even think about your l...

Six Kinds of Loneliness Posted by Paul DiSegna on September 28, 2016

Six Kinds of Loneliness
BY PEMA CHÖDRÖN| SEPTEMBER 14, 2016To be without a reference point is the ultimate loneliness. It is also called enlightenment.In the middle way, there is no reference point. The mind with no reference point does not resolve itself, does not fixate or grasp. How could we possibly have no reference point? To have no reference point would b...

SOFT SPOT Posted by Paul DiSegna on August 13, 2016

SOFT SPOTThere is a teaching that says that behind all hardening and tightening and rigidity of the heart, there's always fear. But if you touch fear, behind fear there is a soft spot. And if you touch that soft spot, you find the vast blue sky. You find that which is ineffable, ungraspable, and unbiased, that which can support and awaken us at an...