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​"An Instrument is What We Are"

​"An Instrument is What We Are"

"An Instrument is What We Are"

By Roland M. Comtois

There's a restlessness emerging through the ethers, again! Folks were gathering together to celebrate a graduation anniversary, to have fun, to ride a bike and to step beyond their daily routine for a moment of absolute joy. In a brief, miniscule moment of time – it, the joy – they, the people – were all obliterated as if they didn't matter. They mattered!
They mattered to their family and friends and to the global community at large. Their lives mattered, and their smiles mattered. The loss of human life always matters. It matters to those who believe in the human spirit. It matters to those who honor family and friends with kindness. It matters to those who live to fulfill their covenant of goodness. They mattered!
Vengeance against the innocent is beyond my comprehension. I search within myself to understand the enormity of this tragedy and the calamity it brings. Finding that space within myself requires a depth of mindfulness that I have not experienced before. I must enter my meditation to see beyond the pain of such human atrocities.
What can we really do about this? How can one person influence the distortion that exists in the minds of those who commit such crimes? I've pondered this thought for several days now. I've pondered this thought every time the TV flashes another horrific headline. Our world is being shaken to the core of who and what we are. I've sat there pleading with God; asking the same question repeatedly. What can we do?
I've waited and waited for an answer. Then something mysterious happened late in the night. In a blink of an eye on the darkest of nights, an overwhelming force instantly altered my thinking. Peacefulness reemerged as quickly as it had left me. A celestial voice of sorts entered my mind and said … "do what you do!"
We hold each other together. We've always done this. We've prayed for each other. We've stood shoulder to shoulder, no matter the distance of our stance. We have always given parts of ourselves. "Do what you do" said the voice.
We are instruments of grace, love, compassion and peace. We find a passageway beyond the insanity and we unite. We did on 9-11. We did it on 9-12 when all the whole gathered to stand together. We figured out how to step beyond our own fear and pain. We became stewards of kindness. That's what we do!
Compassion is the key that aligns the community to its inner strength. Compassion creates an invisible agreement to transcend and transform the restless into ease, the pain into peace and the hatred into love. That is who we are and that is what we do.
Here are some tips that will support you and move you into peace anytime and anywhere.

  1. Stay steadfast and focused on your life.
Count your blessings, literally.Take an inventory of your life.Look at all the parts of your life that need support.Sit in mediation and mindfulness daily.It will help to clear any restless energy and restore internal peace.Take time in your life to appreciate the smallest and grandest blessings in your life.They all matter.
  1. Stay connected to like-minded people for support.
During challenging times, it is important to stay connected to like-minded souls, family and friends.Gather together.Pray together.Talk through your fears so the fear doesn't become stagnant energy within your body and heart.
  1. Be kind to one another.
Kindness starts in the heart of each person. It creates a ripple effect of energy that can affect an entire population.
  1. Serve by helping others.
Helping others allows us to grow spiritually.It allows us to step beyond our own experience.Being of service expands the human spirit. It gives hope to the whole, not just the one.
  1. Be informed of world affairs, but don't get consumed or saturated by the negative energy.

When world tragedies occur, we feel helpless and lost.Spend time getting informed, but not so informed that you feel drained, nervous or consumed by the negative energy. Each of us doing our part is necessary. Praying and holding energy for each other is essential.Caring for others is a responsibility of the entire community.We are all collaborators of goodness. And, it starts with you.

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