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SEEING CLEARLY Posted by Paul DiSegna on March 16, 2016

Meditation is about seeing clearly the body that we have, the mind that we have, the domestic situation that we have, the job that we have, and the people who are in our lives. It's about seeing how we react to all these things. It's seeing our emotions and thoughts just as they are right now, in this very moment, in this very room, on this very s...

CRADLE OF LOVING-KINDNESS Posted by Paul DiSegna on March 9, 2016

In the present moment we can always realize that the ground is to develop loving-kindness toward ourselves. As adults, we can begin to cultivate a sense of loving-kindness for ourselves—by ourselves, for ourselves. The whole process of meditation is one of creating that good ground, that cradle of loving-kindness where we actually are nurture...

The Lightworker's Response to Politics Posted by Paul DiSegna on March 8, 2016

The Lightworker's Response to Politics
Do you follow politics at all?If you're living in the USA right now, and consume any type of media - internet, TV, radio - it's very difficult not to. We're surrounded by news of the presidential primaries, debates, and the latest reasons to support, hate or be suspicious of any given candidate. How do you respond to all this information and the f...