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COMPASSIONATE ACTION Posted by Paul DiSegna on July 2, 2014

The basic ground of compassionate action is the importance of working with rather than strugglingagainst, and what I mean by that is working with your own unwanted, unacceptable stuff, so that when the unacceptable and unwanted appears outthere, you relate to it based on having worked with loving-kindness for yourself. Then there is no condescensio...

Is There Really Power At Sacred Sites? Posted by Paul DiSegna on June 30, 2014

Jesse Nichols GeorgeMotivational Speaker, Author, Integrated DevelopmentTop ContributorAre sacred sites really places of power, or man created hype? Does the land in certain areas really resonate at a “higher” vibrational frequency? Is the energy of sacred places still alive or has it been drained out?So many people today are focusing e...

HEAVEN AND HELL Posted by Paul DiSegna on June 25, 2014

There’s another story that you may have read that has to do with what we call heaven and hell, life and death, good and bad. It’s a story about how those things don’t really exist except as a creation of our own minds. It goes like this: A big burly samurai comes to the wise man and says, “Tell me the nature of heaven and he...