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Blizzard of 2015 January

I journeyed to the spirit of storm, the blizzard of 2015. This is a journey into non-ordinary reality.

I asked, "what is your purpose?"

I meet up with my ancestor weather teacher and several other of my helping spirits. We fly up above storm into Earth's atmosphere and look down - we enter storm by climbing steps on the exterior. As we climb, storm becomes wider and more turbulent. At the top it is quiet and calm. As I look down into the center of storm I know it is not that way at all.

My helping weather spirit is there and we both become very large (my interpretation of this is that we are stepping into our power). I then dive into the center of storm, I'm free falling, but floating at the same time. I breath deeply several times to focus and look around me versus worrying about my falling. As I breath deeply it is almost like I've stopped or slowed down and can feel the pressure of storm. The element of wind has my attention. The pressure I'm perceiving is like a heart beat - I'm being squeezed, all the oxygen leaving my body and then released, being filled up again.

I move my body to a vertical position versus being horizontal. I look at the walls of storm, I see and sense faces passing by. I ask, "what is happening?" I perceive storm is transforming the intentions of fear and anger from individuals in its path. Then I recall the newscaster stating that 53 million people will be affected by the storm. I ask, "is this a normal process?" The response is "many times it is”. I ask, "what happens to all of these feelings and intensions that are being transformed?" It feeds storm and releases them as the element of water or in this case snow flakes. These snow flakes are very light in weight, which has a calming effect on humans. There is a sense of playfulness as they float downward. Not straight down, but rather dancing their way down.

As you may have noticed this storm had very high winds (again the element of wind). It also created many sounds during the night. This wind made the trees dance around too. They needed the opportunity to stretch and take up more space versus just standing still.

This completes my journey of storm, again this is my perception of storm in non-ordinary reality.

paul disegna


Paul DiSegna on Google+ February 9, 2015