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Are the concentrated energy pools located in human spine from its Base to the top.
Though a lot has been penned about chakras. Any number of books and e-books are available for knowledge. But unless we practice them, they are not useful enough.

All universe is a combination of various energies that keep evolving all the time, and so does all existing forms.
Each individual, just every human, has different levels of energy and different experiences with it. To balance our own energies with the existing surrounds, gives us the kind of life we attain and live through.

CHAKRAS spread all over our body, and regulate our being completely. But, majorly there are seven main chakras or energy levels in our spine that control our being. They define how each individual differs from another and stands unique.

From the mundanes of physical world to metaphysical and salvation, this is one of the major paths known since ancient times. Rishis and yogis call it KUNDLINI YOG.

The balancing of these energy levels can be practiced in many ways as in

1. COLOR THERAPIES.. There are defined colors for each level, by using them in attention to that level, we can enhance the energies there.
2. GEM STONES.. associated gems can also help release negative energies and balance the related chakras.
3. MANTRA CHANTS .. There are defined mantras for each level and there regular chanting can help balance the energies of these chakras.
4. YOGA PRACTICES ... Defined asanas for each chakra helps in releasing the negative energies and build up positive forces.
5. MEDITATION .... This technique is about stillness, silence and concentration on the chakras with 'aum' as the initiating force.

The lower three chakras
relate to our worldly associations, our personal and social development, material and physical spheres.

The fourth chakra
Is the centre. The balanced energies here allow us to maintain a comfort level between self and surroundings.

The above three chakras
Relate to Self-awareness and liberation.
Fifth and sixth chakras bring self awareness and intuitiveness where we easily manifest our sub- conscious. Whereas seventh chakra is liberation or total consciousness.

The seven chakras namely are:
1. ROOT CHAKRA (muladhara) :
At the Base of spine
Color associated is Red

2. SACRAL CHAKRA (swadhisthana) :
Below the navel
Color associated is Orange

3. SOLAR PLEXUS (manipura)
Above the navel
Color associated is Yellow or Gold

4. HEART CHAKRA (anahata) :
At the heart level
Color associated is Green

5. THROAT CHAKRA (visuddha) :
At the throat level
Color associated is blue

6. THIRD EYE CHAKRA (ajna) :
Between the brows on forehead
Color associated is Indigo

7. CROWN CHAKRA(sahasrara)
Crown of head

Color associated is violet.


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