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Change In the Air

Re-Post Victoria Pendragon

The Equinox has just passed… I use these seasonal markers – the equinoxes and the solstices – to remind me to touch base more personally with people I've actually known, physically met and cared enough about to want keep hold of the thin thread that binds us. Sure, I post on FaceBook and on Twitter, but that's usually done with an acute awareness that the information I'm sharing is now 'out there' for anyone to see, so I rarely share with the kind of depth that I do here, in my seasonal newsletters. Sometimes, if a good piece of poetry has come out of a particularly charged personal experience, something that I think might be of service to someone, I'll share the poem… poems always feel as if they've got a life of their own anyway, much like the paintings I've been producing lately which will awaken me demanding birth. Most of what I paint lately is born from sleep. Both they and the poems are often dancing in my brain as I drift off and I long ago gave my body permission to 'feed me' what I required and so it does. It is getting a bit demanding lately though… either that or I'm simply being consumed by the passion to create, hardly a troublesome fate.

The past season has been rife with waking challenges, which fact may also be helping to fuel the fires of creative excess. Sometimes, when feeling information outstrips ones capacity to process it mentally, there is required some sort of outlet – preferably productive – to integrate the elusive wisdom that life so often brings in forms one would not have chosen yet, in retrospect, would never turn away, especially when the outcome is rife with beauty.

One such instance forced me to review behavior long past. Three weeks of gradual and painful unfolded into a deep understanding of the damage my younger, grievously injured self had wreaked on others.This was accompanied by acceptance of my having done that damage, forgiving myself for what I had done which generated an enhanced awareness of so many decisions I'd made in the past. I was, finally, able to embrace having made those decisions for what they were at the time, embracing myself for who I was at the time. So much! I was reeling for quite a few weeks, wondering at times if equilibrium would ever return.

Finally, I was restored to a place that felt more stable although I halfway did not recognize myself when I got there and am still getting used to me, whoever that turns out to be. The process is quite fascinating really.

Meanwhile, as the result of who-knows what, out of the blue, my fingers suddenly remembered how to type! I've been typing with my thumbs and one index finger for about 25 years and all of a sudden, just a few weeks ago, as I sat down to go online I realized that my fingers were trying to do what they used to do; it was totally both spontaneous and unconscious and I was blown away. They're no good at it, of course, but they're trying! And I can already type marginally faster than before. It feels like a stenographic miracle!

I have often, purely by virtue of serendipity, painted my future and apparently I did so last year. The name of the painting above, (a favorite from the moment of its completion), is The Beauty When It All Falls Apart. Indeed!

It was not just painting and poetry that helped me through the summer of my discontent, Sleep Magic and Human Design played a huge part as well. I know that you already know what Sleep Magic is; you may not know what Human Design is. I have been a student of Human Design since I first came across it in 2000. I use it not only for myself but to assist me in better knowing the folks who make use of my services as a Sleep Magic mentor. If you are unfamiliar with Human Design and curious to know yourself at gene-deep levels, I recommend you track it down online as there are many different 'schools' sharing the information and what has resonated with me may not be what might resonate with you. It's worthwhile; I do not recommend things lightly.

If you are so inclined, you can 'like' the Sleep Magic page on Face Book where I post infrequent but salient information on the technique, (often based on my use of it), and answer questions freely.

You are also more than welcome to send me a friend request on my personal FB page as well and to follow me on Twitter (generally I follow back… if I don't, I probably forgot, just remind me) @TransformativRt.

Thank you for being in my life. Your presence is appreciated.

Re-Post Victoria Pendragon

Paul on Google+ October 2, 2016