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Choose Love, Not Fear

I'm wondering if you're feeling a bit overwhelmed, unsettled or even discombobulated these days. The events of the world and the tragedies that engulf humankind are beyond comprehension. The loss of children or young women being abducted from the safety of their homes is unimaginable. A person waiting for food on a street corner is insane in the world we call home. What's going on here?

Life is challenging on every level, in every home and reigns across the globe causing such strife and fear in the planet that we reside. That fear becomes an invisible force that destructs and tears down who and what we are as human beings. Even in the privacy of our own lives chaos disrupts and infiltrates our peace. These negative forces (fear, regret, guilt, disappointment, anger) create a wave of restless activity that offers no benefit for the progression of our collective and individual soul, unless you can learn from its teachings.

The real question is "when will we become the stewards of humanity?" When will we choose love, not fear? I, like you, recognize that these are powerful words, but sometimes we get stuck in our own thinking. We become stagnant by not doing something with the light that shines within us.

When will we stretch beyond our personal fears and become an instrument of true peace? The truth is that the boundaries that separate us no longer exist. We must stand together and stand strong. The door is opened now giving us the opportunity to serve each other with loving kindness and care.

Khalil Gibran says "Love had no other desire, but to fulfill itself." Isn't love an energy that causes bliss? Isn't love easier to attain than being in a state of fear? Isn't it worth your effort to let go of things that do not support the goodness of your evolution? And, shouldn't we work together?

Even the Bible says that "love will prevail." For love to truly prevail, we must choose it. We must choose it now! The world is waiting. People are waiting. So, what can you do right now? Here are a few steps to assist you on your journey:

1. Address Your Fears. I think it's really important to address your fears and not allow them to fester into anger, rage or some other negative thought pattern or energy. I also would not give fear the power over the true authentic self. Addressing fear from the root cause will create an opportunity for deep healing. Once you've addressed it, conquered it, loved it, move forward from it and begin anew.

2. Take Small Steps. Walking through our human emotions takes small, gentle and conscious steps. Being aware of your emotional life and spiritual life takes time and focus. Pace yourself and give yourself the time you need to release the old energy. And, don't be afraid to take a chance on loving yourself and others.

3. Choose Love Simply By Becoming Love Itself. Love is the true invisible force that lives within each one of us. It is godly and divine. Simply mastering the true love that lives within requires you taking inventory of who you are in this present moment. Once love is experienced the memory of love exists throughout eternity. It becomes the fountain of possibility for everything and everyone.

4. Choose A LOVE Totem. By using crystals, sacred gems or even by creating an altar to remind yourself of the love that exists in all space may help to ground and center you during times of tension.

5. Breathe. Take deep cleansings breaths when feeling overwhelmed. Work through your process/healing one step at a time.

6. Recognize That You Are Love. You are love. Let this love move through you creating a wave of peace that becomes a link for all humanity.

Yes, times are tough. But we have the inner strength to walk forward, healing the past and standing as one. Every cell, every molecule in our body recognizes love. Every positive thought and depth of compassion involves love. Being kind to oneself is being kind to all. Choose love now, so that tomorrow is a bright as today. Love is forever!

Roland Comtois

Paul on Google+ May 28, 2014