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DHARMA QUOTE of the WEEK-by Dilgo Khyentse

Thread Mindfulness

Even though we may actually recognize the nature of awareness, we should not hold on to that mindfulness tightly, thinking, "I have indeed recognized it." If we do hold on to it tightly, it will be like when a thread is twisted too taut: one cannot sew with it, because it knots up. In the same way, if one is too tense, one's mindfulness will be obscured. If mindfulness is not grasped too tightly but left in the natural flow, sometimes it will be clear and sometimes not. But we should not get caught up in whether it is clear or not. If genuine mindfulness is left without being altered, gradually we will come to know, through our own experience, "This is awareness, and this is ignorance; this is mind, and this is wisdom."

Excerpted from:

Primordial Purity

by Dilgo Khyentse, page 52.

Paul on Google+ July 18, 2016