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DHARMA QUOTE of the WEEK-by Tulku Thondup

Rest in Oneness with the Healing Experience

At the end of every meditation session, recognize what kind of

healing experience you are feeling. You could be feeling peace,

warmth, bliss, spaciousness, boundlessness, richness, sacredness,

or strength. If you have multiple experiences, it can help to recognize

the most prominent one.

The goal is to calmly enjoy the particular experience, resting

in awareness of what you are feeling, without grasping at it or

analyzing it or needing to think about it in words. Just remain

one with the experience, in open awareness, in silence, like water

that has merged in water.

Purpose: This meditation is for sowing the seed of experience

of the meditation, not on the rough surface of concepts or afflicting

emotions but at the deeper and calmer level of the open mind.

Merging your awareness with the experience ensures the fruition

of the meditation with greatest certainty. Open awareness helps

unite your mind with the result of healing.

This meditation could also lead to, or be, the awareness state

of the enlightened nature itself.

Excerpted from:

Boundless Healing

by Tulku Thondup, page 113.

Paul on Google+ July 25, 2016