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Don't Quit Before Your Miracle...

Yup, I said it. Your Miracle is closer than you think.

Have you been feeling tired, drained and depleted lately? Are things happening around you that are out of your control? Maybe you're feeling disconnected or withdrawn? Searching for a purpose? Well, there IS a reason. I, myself, have been sleeping a lot and finding it really hard to stay motivated enough to get anything accomplished. Most of you who know me, know that I'm usually on a high speed train. So, when I'm at a standstill, I investigate. No worries, I've been checked out and I'm perfectly healthy. So what gives? Some impromptu time off has given me time to think, observe, and process the energy we are in.

I keep hearing "The Final Countdown" by Europe in my head. It makes me think about this "9" year we are in. Some of you have heard me talk about being at the end of a 9 year cycle ( 2+0+1+6 = 9 ). That means our 9 year cycle started in 2008. (2+0+0+8 = 1+0 = 1 ). Take a moment to think about everything that's happened to you from 2008 to 2016...Wild ride huh. Trust me, I know! So much change. This change, although painful, has made you stronger, wiser and more authentic.

Think of your "1" year as a time to plant seeds and decide what you're going to grow over the next 9 years. The 9 year, especially this last quarter, is like you've energetically picked every berry, vegetable, herb and flower you could from this crop. There's nothing left. Now it's time to look over what you have and decide what worked and what didn't. Hence the standstill many of you are feeling. It's a wonderful time for reflection and final adjustments. That's hard for people like me who want things to now. It's been such a blessing for me though. I feel like I'm growing in awareness and expanding in ways I never thought possible. God has been working with all of us in full force. He's helping us clear anything that will hold us back in the next 9 year cycle (2+0+1+7= 1+0 = 1). Even when the unexpected continues to happen, trust and continue to move forward with ease. Some of your roots are deep. Do your weeding. I understand no one really wants to stop and weed but it's necessary to ensure a beautiful, healthy garden.

Put it this way, if you can no longer stand mint in your garden, then be sure to take the time to dig up those roots, ensuring it will not grow back in the next cycle. If you've ever planted mint then you know how tricky it is. It spreads...everywhere. Our bad habits, addictions, and weaknesses are rearing their ugly heads right now. We are being called to live healthier lifestyles; mind, body, spirit and emotions. Work with God (Source, Creator, Archangels and Guides) to clear out the "weeds" (clutter, old beliefs, toxic situations, etc.).

Your miracle will be the seeds you've already started to gather for the next cycle. It's the "I need more of this" thinking. Those are the seeds for the next cycle. Continue to acknowledge all the good things you have now. Keep in the moment. What's your take away from the past 9 years? What lessons have you learned? I promise, the Universe will continue to let you know what to work on. Listen carefully. Your past may be coming back to show you how much you've grown. Doors that you've closed might creek open. Put a padlock on them. Unexpected changes are still happening. You've got this. Stay in the light and take the time to work through these experiences in a healthy, productive way. This is your Mint. More roots to dig up. They may pop up in the most unexpected places. Meanwhile, you're declaring what you want through Action. Personally, I no longer want to heal and grow through painful experiences. Healing through pain has been a theme these last 9 years. It's really the only way we, stubborn Caregivers, would change our ways. So now, in this moment, I declare, I want to continue to heal and grow through Laughter, Play, Adventure, Fun and Freedom. Who's with me?

As always, I am so grateful for this journey and am proud to walk with you in the Light.

Sending Love with
Heavenly Hugs

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