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Fathers Day: Did you follow in Dads footsteps ?

My Father became a Master Plumber in the 70's. He was a tradesman in a job that took us all over the world. He worked on major projects in Saudi Arabia, Athens, Greece and Cairo,Egypt. My father was not a college scholar but he was and is a very smart man. Because of the plumbing trade we lived a very nice life. Later in life he became involved in plumbing sales at Tyler Pipe. My Father was and still is a company man. By example he taught me and my siblings how to have a great work ethic and be loyal to the brand. We watched from the sidelines as he worked his way up the corporate ladder many times sacrificing his time with his family so that we would have a better life and opportunity than he did. I feel we learned from my father how to give your best to the company and how to quickly adapt to the needs of our employers. I have had may jobs in my life and always gave them all my attention but it wasn't until my father introduced me to the plumbing industry that I felt I found my calling. I am a second generation Tyler pipe employee and am very proud of that. My father still works for Tyler (Mcwane inc) in the middle east. With Fathers Day approaching I just want to say I am very proud of my Dad and all he has accomplished.

Like I said before I have had many positions in life but the best one is being my Dad's son.

Posted by:Richard Bowman

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