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Getting Exactly What You Need

Getting Exactly What You Need

Wow, I can't believe the end of June is already upon us!

In this newsletter, I'd like to talk about how life can provide us with simple ways to get our needs met, even without us being aware of it.

A Need for Boundaries

I recently had the honor of facilitating Psychic Self-Care, an afternoon where healers and lightworkers got together to take care of their own needs. The last session of the day was on the topic of boundaries, something every caregiver needs in order to give their best. One of the attendees, Christine, said she was having trouble with boundaries. After we did a couple of exercises to help strengthen our energetic protection, I brought out a plant. "Does anyone recognize this?" I said.

Christine answered: "Yes, that's yarrow. I grow it in my yard. I planted it in many different places, but for some reason it's growing most of all at the front of the yard, right where it meets the road. Maybe that's where it gets the most sunlight?"

"Do you know what yarrow is used for?" I asked.

"No..." said Christine.

"It's a medicinal herb, used to break fevers and stop bleeding. It's also really good for boundaries. The way you can tell that is how it loves to grow on boundary lines."

Herbal Wisdom

I've been blessed to have received some great information on herbalism from two excellent mentors, Mary Blue and Kay Parent. In my travels with both of these gifted herbalists, yarrow came up as a very important and useful plant. And I learned that with any plant, the way it behaves can give us useful insight into how it can help us.

For example, mullein, which is helpful to respiratory health, grows in places where the air is heavily polluted, such as on the side of the highway.

Look familiar?

And yarrow, I've found, gravitates toward boundaries. I was overjoyed to find it growing naturally in my yard, and found that it was flourishing on both sides of the property adjoining the neighbors' land, as if it somehow knew to create a boundary there. In Christine's yard, it grew most vibrantly on the boundary line where the yard met the road, despite the whole yard getting adequate sunlight.

Plants give us a wonderful example of how sometimes, we get exactly what we need, even if we don't know it. Christine chose to grow yarrow plants without knowing what they were for, and it turned out they fulfilled her need to create stronger personal boundaries.

What do you need?

Is there anything on your mind that you feel you are in need of? What are you really calling for?

Ask Spirit to open your mind to any information that will let you know how your needs can be met. Most likely, there is something in your life that has been placed there and is helping you already - whether it be a plant, a person, or any situation. The key is bringing it to your awareness.

Have you ever had your needs met in unexpected ways? I'd love to know.




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