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Heart Advice Quote of the Week from Pema Chodron

Care for One Another
The commitment to take care of one another is often described as a vow to invite all sentient beings to be our guest. The prospect can be daunting. It means that everyone will be coming to our house. It means opening our door to everyone, not just to the people we like or the ones who smell good or the ones we consider "proper" but also to the violent ones and the confused ones—to people of all shapes, sizes, and colors, to people speaking all different languages, to people with all different points of view. Making this commitment means holding a diversity party in our living room, all day every day, until the end of time.
Living Beautifully
Excerpted from:
Living Beautifully
with Uncertainty and Change
by Pema Chödrön,
page 63
Paul DiSegna on Google+ March 25, 2020