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Heart Advice Quote of the Week from Pema Chodron

If you've ever had anybody teach the dharma to you like you're a child and they're your parent setting you straight, it doesn't work. But if it's two friends that are sharing, it's very different. It takes courage, because sometimes you're afraid to step into that opening and really say something honest for fear that they won't be your friend anymore.
I've often told the story about a friend of mine, that whenever we would get together, we would gossip. And it seemed inescapable, like a family dynamic; we'd get together, and we'd start gossiping. I just couldn't stand it anymore because afterwards I would always feel like I had kind of poisoned myself, so one day, when we were starting it, I said, "I vow to just not gossip anymore; let's just not do it. We're just hurting each other." And it turned out she felt exactly the same, and she was very receptive to it, and it became a practice for us, to watch what was coming out of our mouths when we were together.
The Joy of Letting Go
Excerpted from:
The Joy of Letting Go*
Release Fear, Dissolve Expectations, and Embrace an Open-Hearted Life
Taught by Pema Chödrön
*Registration for this course closes on October 17th
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