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Is The Truth Making You Happy?

The Truth Warrior

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Our lives are governed by our beliefs. Many of them, we may believe to be thetruth. Often times these beliefs, can have the potential to create happiness or unhappiness in our lives and the world around us. Two people with the exactly same set of circumstances and conditions, can have a completely different experience, because of the beliefs they hold.

The beliefs which we choose to believe are rarely an absolute truth. Beliefs are usually a relative truth. At times they can feel like they are actually the truth, because of the evidence we have created about them from our lives. This evidence can evolve from the media, society, people around us, personal experience, parents, teachers and religion.

Our level of happiness can be significantly impacted by the beliefs we choose to adopt in our lives. If for example, we believe a belief to be the truth such as, “life is hard", this can pave the way to creating more unhappiness. By having unhappy generating beliefs, we can feel more dis-empowered and feel like a victim.

We maybe also less likely to take action to change our situation, if it is required. Because of these beliefs, we could be angry and bitter about things in our life, because they are clouding our perception of the person or the situation. Lack of happiness, peace, joy and love, can be a result of these unhappy beliefs. They can also keep us stuck in life rather than move forward.

Many people can believe that their unhappiness is caused by outside circumstances, people and things. When I traveled India, about a year ago, I noticed that some of the people there had very little in terms of materialism, however they appeared to be genuinely very happy. We can get into the cycle of blaming other people or other things for our unhappiness and say “you are making me sad, angry or unhappy". However it is usually the beliefs we are believing, which can be creating this experience for us.

When we choose to believe more happy beliefs in our lives, we become more empowered in our experience. We can get more out of life and start living more like a victor. We begin to know that happiness is an inside job and it is not dependent on something outside of ourselves. We feel that we are in control of our lives, rather than allowing circumstances or people determine and control our level of happiness. When we adopt happy generating beliefs, the consequence is that we feel more positive and optimistic.

Here are a few questions I have come up with, in how to change your beliefs to more happy ones:

√ In regards to what I am believing right now – would I prefer to be right or be happy?

√ How is it serving me to believe these unhappy beliefs?

√ What are the consequences of believing these beliefs?

√ Do I really want to change these beliefs?

√ Are these beliefs really true and what is the evidence?

√ If I choose to believe something different, how would I feel?

√ What could I choose to believe now, to change this belief?

As always I would love to hear any feedback, comments or words of inspiration you may have.



Paul DiSegna on Google+ February 2, 2015