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Is There Really Power At Sacred Sites?

Jesse Nichols George

Jesse Nichols George

Motivational Speaker, Author, Integrated DevelopmentTop Contributor

Are sacred sites really places of power, or man created hype? Does the land in certain areas really resonate at a “higher” vibrational frequency? Is the energy of sacred places still alive or has it been drained out?

So many people today are focusing events, journeys, celebrations at Sacred Sites around the world. However, as these places become more and more traveled are they able to hold their power. I have to wonder this, for any place that becomes highly traveled can have energy drained from it.

Now that being said, there is no question that there are numerous power places around the world; and entering a Sacred Site with Sacredness, led by someone who knows how to honor and respect such spaces, can lead to very powerful transformations. Travelling to such places can awaken and enliven our senses, and open the doors to places within ourselves that we never knew. Standing in a place that is full of energy and power; can help those that are not used to experiencing energy to receive in ways that help them to connect with themselves and the Divine in ways that allow for rapid evolvement.

The ability to travel for a couple of weeks to places like this can bring restoration, enlightenment, and a whole new realm of awareness and understanding. Often times on such journeys there is time spent in prayer or meditations, ceremony, and talking with people whose life is focused around such practices. Michelle Karen is one person that leads journeys to Sacred Sites. She guides people through such places and opens their eyes to new experiences. As a shaman, she offers unique experiences for people to indulge in and explore.

There is no question, that there is value in taking a break from our busy and hectic lives; and spend time in different countries or places, re-energizing through the Earth’s own centers of energy. The openings can be nothing short of transformational. The communion with those in rural areas leading a life connected with the Divine; a way of learning through ancient practices - those such as story telling, sharing, conversation. and ceremony.

What experiences have you had with Sacred Sites? Do you think they are real, or just a hoax to draw people? What have you experienced in such places?

Paul on Google+ June 30, 2014