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The Healer’s Role in Shedding Our Emotional-Behavioral Patterns

The Healer’s Role in Shedding Our Emotional-Behavioral Patterns


This article is in response to Richard Harvey's article "How to Work With Emotional-Behavioral Patterns"

Breaking free of any character trait or character defense is both immensely challenging and immensely liberating. Richard Harvey is adroit to point out the strategic nature of our emotional-behavioral patterns as defense mechanisms. And as Harvey emphasizes, these strategies are all the more difficult to let go of because up to now we think they have worked. Why would we fix what is not broken? Very simply because somewhere deep inside we know 'we' are broken.

Suggesting to someone to work with a trusted confidante, guide, teacher, therapist, counselor, etc. on their healing journey can appear to be self-serving from one perspective. However, my own experience has taught me that the 'other' can serve to accelerate the healing process. It is possible to work through a lot of our healing on our own, if we have some basic tenets to guide us, but the ego is unscrupulously and nefariously deceptive. The 'other' healer has a much better chance to notice the whimsical fallacy in our illusion simply because the other healer does not and, hopefully, cannot relate to our story.

The healer's role in the healing journey can extend far beyond facilitating the discovery of our emotional-behavioral patterns, however. The healer's presence may be even more critical in the period immediately following our illumination.

Waking up to any of our story—whether it be through the awareness of our family beliefs, life statements, emotional-behavioral patterns, character strategies, sub-personalities, or emotional suppression—can be one of the most exhilarating and freeing experiences in our life. However, sometimes, the period immediately following these illuminations can usher the aspirant into a period of 'psychic vacuum' whereby an entire part of who you thought you were has suddenly vanished and the void can feel unsettling and uneasy to say the least. This is a time of accentuated stabilization.

During this period of 'psychic vacuum' external forces will make their last-ditch efforts to boomerang you back to the old ways of thinking, behaving and reacting to the world around you. This can be a very challenging time as your true, authentic self is reborn from the ashes of illusory dreams. The calming presence of the 'other' healer can serve as a grounding beacon to guide you to the ultimate realization—that there is no 'other' healer. You are the healer you seek.

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