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The Lightworker's Response to Politics

The Lightworker's Response to Politics

Do you follow politics at all?

If you're living in the USA right now, and consume any type of media - internet, TV, radio - it's very difficult not to. We're surrounded by news of the presidential primaries, debates, and the latest reasons to support, hate or be suspicious of any given candidate. How do you respond to all this information and the feelings that go with it?

I've been guesting for the past few weeks on Journey Into the Light, a spiritual radio show. On last Friday's show, I shared some of my numerology knowledge in relationship to the upcoming election. I generally follow a rule of moderation when it comes to political news - just a little is okay, too much and I get out of balance. After this show, I realized maybe I've been consuming too much.

It's not so much the information that is bad, but the feelings around it. Arguments, fear, rivalry, and suspicion all play a part, regardless of what candidate you support, if any. And realizing that you have political disagreements with loved ones can create challenges in your relationships.

How do you respond?

So what's the solution? You could choose to avoid politics altogether, or restrict it severely. If you vote, this shouldn't get in your way - you can just read up on the candidates and questions at some point before the election, on your own terms. But you might be wrestling with temptation a lot here, or risk feeling detached from society. Don't forget though, it is entirely possible to be totally involved in your life and world, even if politics isn't part of it.

Or you could get involved full force, hearing all the facts and opinions and becoming part of the conversation. This won't be the ideal path for everyone, because it involves a lot of self-discipline not to get wrapped up and consumed by all the negative energy.

Stay connected and remember

In the midst of all the debating and opinion, it's good for us to stay connected to who we really are, and our highest truth and happiness. I'd like to offer three sentiments that might serve as a reminder in these times:

1. How do we really vote? With our hearts. Those of us who choose to will vote on ballots, but more importantly, every second of every day, all of us are voting on how we'd like to experience our world - emotionally and energetically. Maybe you support a certain candidate, maybe not. But there's a lot more peace to be found if we focus on the core of what we want to experience - safety, freedom, harmony, equality, justice - more than just the human beings who could help us get there. The elected officials aren't the ones who dictate the core of our experience... we all do, individually and collectively.

2. Freedom means we can always choose to see common ground, rather than dwelling on differences. Just because you have the opportunity to take a side, doesn't mean it's worth the energy. I know a couple of very kind-hearted people who plan to vote for a candidate I can't imagine myself supporting. But there's freedom in knowing that we all have the right to our own choices, and yet can still see beyond that to who we really are. Be honest about the beliefs and opinions you personally care about, and recognize that we have the ability to believe differently and still coexist beyond arguments and judgments.

3. We can still have fun - there's a whole world out there. In times of media frenzy, which creates fear and unrest, and when the demands of our lives may impose added stress, we have to make an honest effort to pursue things in life that make us happy. Listen to music, go outside, and enjoy time with good friends whenever you get the chance. Take the initiative to start a flow of positivity in your life and take care of yourself... it's totally worth it.

I look forward to seeing how the rest of the year unfolds for all of us. And I hope we can all support each other joyfully, every step of the way.



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Paul DiSegna on Google+ March 8, 2016