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The Urgency of Being Yourself

The Urgency of Being Yourself

If you're reading this, you're probably no stranger to the concept of being yourself.

Perhaps you've even had to fight to be who you are in some way, going against the grain of a world that tells us how we should feel, think, and define ourselves.

I don't have to tell you about the value of being real, being true to yourself and what you really believe. You know - at least, I hope you know - that value is priceless. YOU are priceless.

So why the urgency?

A critical time

We are currently living right in the middle of AD 2016. In numerology, 2016 is a Universal 9 Year, which means there is a pull to bring karmic completion to cycles, and finalize the receiving and giving of gifts that are long overdue.

What do you think are the defining characteristics of this year, the specific time we are living in? What things are really calling for us to "end the cycle" and see our gifts fully realized?

This is what I see:

Worldwide disruptions in political and economic power

Injustice and inequity being brought to light, again and again

Heartbreaking, abhorrent acts of violence

Lack of care for those who need it most

An increasing sense of dissatisfaction with our systems

And also:

More awareness of information through global media

Amazing technological progress, pushing the limits of what's possible

New businesses and organizations that strive to improve our world

Acts of compassion that defy even the most hardened hearts

Young activists inspiring their communities close to home, and all over the world

Finally - and most miraculously:

People of all ages and walks of life are waking up to their inner gifts - as healers, helpers, and bringers of light to the world.

Remember, without pain and struggle, there is no need for healers and lightworkers.

But we do live in a world where many are experiencing pain, struggle, injustice, and frustration... and these people need our help. And really, none of this is new. Humankind has known struggle since the beginning of its history.

What is new, at any given time including now, is our ability to turn things around, starting with us.

Yes, it all starts with you

If you look at the massive challenges our world is facing, they may seem insurmountable. How could we possibly resist and overthrow the forces keeping us in a place of suffering? What are these forces, anyway? Who is really to blame?

But reflect on this: What would it take for you, one individual person, to be as authentic, honest, loving, and free in your heart as you possibly can? And extend your real self - your gift - to those few people closest to you?

What if each person with a calling in their heart could be inspired - just that one person, on an individual level - to respond to that calling, and grow more into it every day?

What if we did our best to understand each other, and connect in real ways?

Those connections would deepen and grow communities of loving, inspiring, truthful, joyful, free people. And those communities would become our new world.

It will take some time, and some work - both inner and outer work. But it is 100% possible. And the truth is, our ideal world is the world we live in now. We simply must all become aware of it, and fully step into our experience of it.

If you'd like to walk in this reality, I'm here, walking with you. Let's remember that a truly good life is attainable for everyone, and nothing is too good to be true. In every moment is an opportunity to open your heart and share your light with an awakening world.

Love and light,


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