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Last Wednesday, I saw a video posted in a private Facebook group by "Joey", a man I work with professionally, and whom I really look up to and respect as a mentor. I always thought of Joey as a guy who had it all together, although I knew he wasn't afraid to express his heart.

I really got to see that sensitive side of him in the video, where, shockingly, he admitted to the group that he was going through a period of depression and was struggling greatly. He even shed a few tears on camera. I was utterly taken aback, thinking, "Oh my God, is he really crying?"

But amidst the shock, I realized that he was expressing feelings I had also been having for the past two weeks, and had been too scared to show. Seeing someone I respect and admire show vulnerability made me realize that it was OK to feel depressed and upset if that's how I truly feel. Over the next few days, I was able to open up more, take care of myself, and actually cry, again and again, which is something I'd normally rather not admit to doing.

What about your feelings?

So what do we take away from all of this feeling and crying stuff?

If you're the kind of person others respect and admire, if you have to keep a professional image to satisfy expectations, if you know others will be watching and taking note if you show a vulnerable moment...

...maybe sometimes, it might be OK to show it. Maybe not to everyone, but I'm sure you know a trusted few folks who actually might benefit from knowing how you feel.

You never know when someone else may be going through a tough time, but unable to find relief because they can't validate their own feelings. Sometimes it takes knowing that another person shares the way you feel to realize, hey, it's really OK. Once you feel like your feelings are validated, you can actually start to honor and take care of yourself. Some people end up going a long time without that validation, and without the freedom to really show who they are.

The truth is that we are all connected. Our feelings and vulnerability exist so that we might better support and heal each other and the world. Let's honor those feelings, and allow ourselves the freedom and privilege of sharing them with others we can trust.


P.S. If you want to hear more about vulnerability, I'll be speaking more on this topic this coming Sunday 2/28 at Unity Radiant Light, 155 Douglas Ave, Providence. Service starts at 10:30 AM and all are welcome to join.

P.P.S. Five open spots remain in my Numerology Level I distance course, where you can learn how to connect and heal (and be more vulnerable ;)) with yourself and others by using numbers. Check it out - registration closes March 1!

Paul DiSegna on Google+ February 23, 2016