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What People Will Think

What People Will Think


What People Will Think

By Miro

You know what must be done but 4 words always hold you back:

"What will people think?" has always halted your attack

Those 4 words keep you from doing the things that must be done

To own your life and live with confidence but everyone

Casts judging eyes which make you second-guess yourself and say

"They'll think I'm weird or crazy" if you choose a different way

But here's the truth about what they will say if you decide

To empower yourself and choose to not blend in or hide

The cowards will think, "I wish I could be so very bold"

The narcissists will think, "There's one less that can be controlled"

The fighters will think, "If they can then perhaps I can too"

The Warrior won't think a thing 'cause they're right beside you

Do not be timid with your health, opinion or your soul

Do not allow what others think to unnerve or cajole

The weak and selfish will think poorly, the strong will be inspired

And none of it will play a part in what will be acquired

When you have done the work and earned unyielding self-respect

When you have sacrificed and sweat and kept your ego checked

When you have paid the price for iron will and steely grit

Nothing people think will ever coerce you to quit


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