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Without further ado, here it is...

Without further ado, here it is...

The Numerology Starter Pack: Find meaning in your numbers

Your Personal Numerology Grid (PDF)
A beginner's tutorial on the Karmic-Pythagorean Grid Method made popular by my great-uncle, Norman Shine. A great way to find out more about your talents, strengths and challenges! Includes a worksheet template you can use to do numerology readings for yourself and others.

Love//Code Calculator
This tool allows you to start finding hidden meanings in the numbers that show up in your life. It's a "reverse Pythagorean" calculator you can use to find all possible letter combinations and words that come from a number. Includes a video where I talk about my own amazing personal experience with the creation of the Love//Code Calculator.

Enjoy! As always, I thank you for staying connected with me.

Paul DiSegna on Google+ December 18, 2015