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A LONGING TO HELP Posted by Paul DiSegna on March 23, 2016

Bodhi means "awake" and citta means "heart-mind." Bodhicitta is a longing, a yearning, that comes to fortunate people to wake up, and specifically to wake up so they can be of help to other people and to the earth. It's very common that people want to be free of suffering and go about it in ways that just increase their sufferi...

it's time to wake up and go to sleep Posted by Paul DiSegna on March 22, 2016

it's time to wake up and go to sleep
Re-post fromThe Energy Project Did you wake up feeling exhausted this morning? Did you hit the snooze button – maybe even multiple times? Did you have a cup of coffee – or 2 or 3 – when your energy dipped?Now imagine waking up feeling fully awake, restored, and ready to tackle your day – maybe even without an alarm clock.The...

SEEING CLEARLY Posted by Paul DiSegna on March 16, 2016

Meditation is about seeing clearly the body that we have, the mind that we have, the domestic situation that we have, the job that we have, and the people who are in our lives. It's about seeing how we react to all these things. It's seeing our emotions and thoughts just as they are right now, in this very moment, in this very room, on this very s...