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MAKING FRIENDS WITH OURSELVES Posted by Paul DiSegna on January 6, 2016

When you realize that your greatest defilement is facing you and there seems no way to get out of it because it's so big, the instruction is, let go of the story line, let go of the conversation, and own your feeling completely. Let the words go and return to the essential quality of the underlying stuff. That's the notion of the inbreath, the noti...

2015: Year of Power Posted by Paul DiSegna on December 30, 2015

2015: Year of Power
What happened for you in 2015? What were your triumphs and challenges? 2015 was a year of change and development for a lot of people. Each person has had their own unique experience of this year, but there are certain energies that draw us all together in our experience. One way of representing this energy is through numbers. I'll share a little bi...

ALL DHARMAS AGREE AT ONE POINT Posted by Paul DiSegna on December 30, 2015

"All dharmas agree at one point" is saying that if pain arises, we can instead look out and think bigger. It can be acknowledged pain and it can become the basis of empathy. Then this is shaking up or freeing ourselves from this prison of separateness, which causes us so much pain and limits our world so much to our own hopes and fears or...