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​REAL OPENNESS Posted by Paul DiSegna on January 27, 2016

Real openness is a direct, immediate experience of your reality. It's not just open mind; it's open heart. And we experience it not as detachment or coolness: it's not like going to the top of the mountain and then we have this absolute perspective. We have this Hubble Telescope perspective of reality, but what about our alcoholic sister and our sc...

​THIS FLEETING SITUATION Posted by Paul DiSegna on January 20, 2016

The way we label things is the way they will appear to us. When we label a piece of the earth China or Brazil or the United States, it becomes an entity that carries strong emotional baggage. When we label something good, we see it as good. When we label something bad, we see it as bad. We get so hung up on like and dislike, on who's right and who'...

​NO LACK OF OPPORTUNITIES Posted by Paul DiSegna on January 13, 2016

Each of us can be an active participant in creating a nonviolent future simply by how we work with shenpa [attachment] when it arises. How individuals like you and I relate to being hooked, these days, has global implications. In that neutral moment, that often highly charged moment, when we can go either way, do we consciously strengthen old fear-...